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I'm on the left, Andrew is in the middle and my partner Ed is on the right. My partner and I met in October 1993 and have been together ever since. Our son Andrew graced us with his presence on Christmas Eve 2007.

The Preschool Application

Our son Andrew will be starting preschool next year (sept 2011). I just completed his application and will submit it tomorrow. There is a great preschool near our home that is affiliated with our Church. It's a great environment and we are excited about it.
Our little boy is growing up so fast.
I am sure Andrew will have a tough time at first since he has really never left home without one of us by his side. I need to get comfortable with the idea myself. I'm so nervous to leave him and I am afraid he will pick up on this. I hear people with older children saying, "My Evan took three weeks of crying every day until he finally got comfortable with the idea"...or "My Sophie took one week and when it was time to pick her up, she did not want to leave".
I don't know what to expect, but I do know it has to be done. Andrew is getting close to being potty trained and we anticipate by next year, he will be pamper free.
Tonight, before bed, I put him in time out because he was not listening, we gave him a bath and put him in bed. I said good night and to give me a hug and kiss. He looked away and said "no". It broke my heart, he's never done that before. I told him, "well, Daddy loves you, I will always love you, good night". He is becoming so much more expressive with his emotions. Sometimes they are beautiful, but tonight it stung a little.

On a more positive note, the Birth Mom gave us some pictures of his siblings. It was cool because Andrew looks a lot like his brothers, even though they come from different fathers. I'm going to make a scrap book for him and collect as many pictures as I can.


Colorado Dad said...

Congrats to Andrew! And to you two as well :)

My son just turned two in June, and refused a hug and kiss for the first time also. It does sting, but from what I hear, it's a healthy form of expressing his independence. I gather you already know this, but I thought it might help to hear it from another dad who was bewildered by it as well.

There are certainly times when I wish mine would stay little forever, but I'm equally thrilled with seeing what kind of man he'll become. Hang in there!

SurprisedMom said...

Yes, sometimes watching them grow up and independent stings a bit, but it's also fascinating to see who they become. I know. I've lived through it. Mine are 19 and 16 now and I'm so proud of them I could burst, but there have been tears, both mine and theirs.

I had to laugh when you talked about parents of older children who tell you about their children's stories. I try to not to do this, but I'm guilty as well. In the long run, it will be Andrew's story and he will live it the way he needs to. It will also be your story, because he will always need you, no matter how old and independent he gets.

ciara said...

well, putting him in time out is gonna get him a little miffed with you. but this is how it goes. he's expressing himself and gaining independence. being a parent brings a lot of joy, but be prepared for the heartaches, too. maybe i can trade you my girls for andrew. it's like a freaking roller coaster ride over here lol


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