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I'm on the left, Andrew is in the middle and my partner Ed is on the right. My partner and I met in October 1993 and have been together ever since. Our son Andrew graced us with his presence on Christmas Eve 2007.

When Your Child Is Sick

Well, I felt like Father Damien Karras from the Exorcist. "The power of Christ compels you!!".
My poor little baby coughing and spitting up, I was just waiting for his little head to spin. It's terrible because he can't blow his nose (15 months). You just sit and hope that when he sneezes, the "stuff" will come out.
We survived it and I just wish, I did not take the other line from the movie "Take Me, take me". I used to never get sick. My "other half" would get sick and I would get through it with out harm. But WOW...Andrew has gotten sick just a couple of times and each time, I've gotten sick as well.
I took a sick day yesterday (thurs) to try and recover from this flu/cold. I also was taking care of Andrew, who still has a little cough but doing much better. Yesterday, I was sooo dizzy and stuffed up...I was laying on the living room floor..Andrew had all his toys out and were surrounding me. I looked at him as he was just flinging the toys in the air and letting them drop where ever they drop (sometimes hitting me on the shoulder, leg or head), he had this big smile on his face, I just thought to myself "I wish he could get me a cup of tea".
Once my kid starts school, I have no idea what kind of stuff he will be bringing home with him, but I can count on the fact he will share the experience with me.

I'm back at work...still a little sick/stuffed up...but much better. Happy Father Friday Everyone!!!!

Say What?..Change Our Eating Habits??

So my partner just got the results of his physical and his cholesterol is higher than me at my senior year high school graduation. (AND That's HIGH).

I have been trying to come up with decent meals that we can all eat together and it's getting hard to find ways to eat chicken. We have to cut red meats from the diet and were told fish and chicken were best. UMMM...I'm loosing some variety...not to mention, we are big on the snacking thing. I LOVE me some chips while watching some late night movies or Chili Cheese Corn instead of just taking the crunchy comfy effect away from our snacking, I air pop popcorn with no salt, or cut up some apples, or have grapes...I'm not going to lie, I much prefer the chips by a long shot.

But y'all, I need some help. Last night I made stuffed green and red peppers. I put ground turkey, onions, mushrooms, diced chicken, a little tomato sauce, brown rice and some garlic..I guess it was ok..but I'm running out of low cholesterol stuff. I went online and looked at the web and I'm sorry..but some of these dishes are too complicated and time consuming. Since we both work, have a son, plus an unbelievable amount of responsibility/errands, I need some easy dishes, quick, and yet something I can play with to change up a know, add some variety...

My partner is now on some kind of cholesterol medication and I hate this kind of thing. I want to get his cholesterol down so he can stop taking these meds. Especially ones that can harm other internal organs if taken off a long period of time.
Throw me some ideas. (kids gotta like this as well).

Andrew's Haircut

Fatherhood Friday #4

Well this post is my weekly tribute to Fatherhood Friday:


Well folks, since having our son, friends have made a drastic shift. At first, everyone came over to visit our new arrival with gifts and cards, but then we began to see less and less of them. Now, it's almost non-existent. We have some new friends, the circle is MUCH smaller. They are parents, fathers and mothers of children.

Why has this changed?..I mean, I know our lives changed but these people I thought of were good friends. Did I change?...I know my life changed, my priorities. Does this in some way reflect that I am not as devoted to my old friends?

It's weird how this happens. When I was single, (recollection: oh yes, the days of being a single young man in san francisco), I had a sort of large circle of friends. Then I met my better half and my set of friends shifted a little. Then we had a baby and my friends completely changed.

I tell my partner, "Geez, what happened to so and so, we used to hang out all the time...He never calls" My other half said, "You probably never call either". I used to call about 50% of the time...and now I don't. It's not them, it's me. So as a little test, starting this weekend, I am going to make some calls, invite these old friends over the house. I'm going to give my 50% back and see if it is enough to survive the friendships I miss so much. I gave myself one very important rule.
*Don't just talk about my son (I tend to do that, since basically he is my life).

Grocery Shopping with my 14 Month old

Our son loves to go out. He is always pointing to the door and wants to either go for a car ride, or a stroll to the park.
He is getting faster than ever. Yesterday, I had to go to our local supermarket to pick up a few things. My son hates the seat on the shopping cart and much prefers the large cargo section of the cart.

He stands and loves to look at all the products on the shelves. Unfortunately he loves it so much that now he likes to grab everything in site. I try to search the aisles while going down the middle of the lanes so he can not reach anything, but unfortunately that is just plain rude to the other customers. He grabs apples, oranges, pasta boxes, cereals...anything he can get those cute little fingers on. This makes my quick supermarket stop quite a fiasco. It is obviously much easier if he is in a stroller or buckled down somehow...but I can not push a cart and a stroller.
Yesterday as I was unloading my items at the register, I saw, a tiny stem of squashed grapes, my little angel must have taken from the fruit stand, I found an orange with two puncture holes in it..of course matching the only two teeth my son has in his mouth. The clincher was the sanitary napkins he must have grabbed while I was looking for deodorant.
It is just not feasible to wait for my partner to come and help when I need to do some food shopping.
Come on Moms and me out a little. What do you do?


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