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Grocery Shopping with my 14 Month old

Our son loves to go out. He is always pointing to the door and wants to either go for a car ride, or a stroll to the park.
He is getting faster than ever. Yesterday, I had to go to our local supermarket to pick up a few things. My son hates the seat on the shopping cart and much prefers the large cargo section of the cart.

He stands and loves to look at all the products on the shelves. Unfortunately he loves it so much that now he likes to grab everything in site. I try to search the aisles while going down the middle of the lanes so he can not reach anything, but unfortunately that is just plain rude to the other customers. He grabs apples, oranges, pasta boxes, cereals...anything he can get those cute little fingers on. This makes my quick supermarket stop quite a fiasco. It is obviously much easier if he is in a stroller or buckled down somehow...but I can not push a cart and a stroller.
Yesterday as I was unloading my items at the register, I saw, a tiny stem of squashed grapes, my little angel must have taken from the fruit stand, I found an orange with two puncture holes in it..of course matching the only two teeth my son has in his mouth. The clincher was the sanitary napkins he must have grabbed while I was looking for deodorant.
It is just not feasible to wait for my partner to come and help when I need to do some food shopping.
Come on Moms and me out a little. What do you do?


It's Daddies. Plural. said...

I have no advice... only laughs for the sanitary napkins in your cart [LOL]

jaysinwantsu03 said...

That is way to funny.... I wish I had some advice for ya buy I don't... At this point down the center of the aisle is your only option no matter how rude it is or not.. I mean come on how many time's in life have you had to walk around somone else's cart with a kid in it.. It's your turn now...Good Luck

birthmothertalks said...

I have two ideas for you. If he has a really favorite toy or book. Keep it out of his sight for a couple days before the trip to the store and maybe he will be so into it that he won't mess with the stuff.
Or you could play a game with him. If he loves a favorite cookie or snack and you buy it anyways. Play a game. Tell him that he can't let go of it. Tell him that the cookies will run if he lets go. Every time he lets go to grab something.. say oh no the cookies are going to run.. you better get them. Hope that works.

Bella Daddy said...

OH YEAH, I can certianly relate...but, I nipped it in the bud early...I get her all excited to go shopping...(she still likes the cart seat)...and ask her which doll or toy she would like to take with her. When shopping, we ask the doll what we should, suggest taking a small toy AND always, juice or a cookie...ya know, one that lasts a LOOOONG time ;-)

Steven at Green Dads said...

I stopped taking our son shopping a long time ago. I only go if my partner can stay home with him, or if I can sneak in shopping between work and picking him up from school.

john said...

im with steven, we stopped taking the kids shopping a long time ago. Just wasnt worth it.

Loved your post though, brought back memories. boy do I have

ShankRabbit said...

We're just the middle of the aisle kind of people. It's annoying and dumb, but it's either that or my kid grabs the items out of your cart. You choose. :)

Bobby said...

Ha that's great. Exactly why Gregg does all the shopping and I'm not allowed to come with.

Michael said...

When it comes to having our son sit in the seat, I feel your pain. I have not allowed him to sit in the cargo section. I utilize my newly acquired patience, some tricks from the art of distraction and keep moving.

Even while sitting in the seat, my son grabs at things on the shelves. I have been fortunate to be close enough to thwart his efforts. Pads, huh? I wonder if there is some hidden, Freudian message there?!?!

Joeprah said...

I have the answer to your problems. I actually put it in movie form as a favor for a friend, but it is truly a life saving product that will help you. Copy and paste this link to see what I mean:

The company is ontray2go, and I think if you google it you will see the address...wait, found it:

Hope that helps.

ciara said...

i only had that prob once when my son was in his stroller and i was paying for something in a store...i came out of there and looked into the stroller. there he was waving around a pair of socks that was hanging under the register area. i took those socks and ran in like lightning cos i didn't want ppl to think i was shoplifting lol. haha @ sanitary napkins. my girls didn't put stuff in the basket i don't think, but what would normally take me an hour, took me 2 or 3, because I would always have to stop them from running around. they couldn't be contained by the cart.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

thought you'd wanna see this:

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Joeprah - I'm loving the Tray 2 Go vid you had up on YouTube. While it's a great invention, the one question I have to ask is how did the kids stay so calm with all of the sugar they were digesting? Enquiring minds wanna know :)

Joeprah said...

Fear. :D

Super Mega Dad said...

The only thing I've found that fixes that is growing up! ;)

My 6 year old stopped FINALLY, but my 3 year old still picks stuff up that she likes and puts it in the cart when I'm not looking. She had LIMA BEANS last week. LIMA BEANS? You gotta be kidding me. At least be a normal kid and get candy or something. I guess it just had a pretty picture on it that she liked.

Laurel said...

This post made me laugh so hard. Sweet little Andrew. I bet many people stop and smile at him, too.

I agree that if you always buy a certain something that he'd be into (like a pack of cookies), let him hold it...or let him help put things in the basket, if you can. I know at stores around here, they give out a cookie at the bakery...could keep his hands busy for you!

Adorable though.


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