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Baking Cupcakes..Wait, I CAN'T BAKE!!

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
So, I am on a mission to become a good cupcake baker. I'm not talking from scratch folks, I'm talking Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, three eggs, a little oil and some water.
Each time I attempt, the cake part comes out fairly well. I am at the point where I do not over bake or under bake...I know by touch how the top of each cupcake should spring back after I tap it with my index finger. All is good, I'm a pro. (?)

I'm attempting to become an expert for my son. What little kid doesn't like a cupcakes..right?

Thursday night, I decided to bake another dozen cupcakes, but this time I decied to fill the cupcakes with cream and then just put a dot of icing on top. So I went to my favorite store in the world (Target) and bought myself a 14 piece baker's decorating set. It came with different size decorating tips, 4 disposable pastry bags and a cute plastic storage case. Andrew was sitting in the shopping cart. I looked at him and said, "oh Andrew, Daddy is making cupcakes for you!!"

I baked the cupcakes and they turned out golden..."Perfect", I said.

I mixed whip cream and marsh mellow cream together to get a nice thick consistency. After that, I looked at this plastic pastry bag, and the tips and did the best I could trying to fit it together. I carefully but mess-ily put the filling into the pastry bag by spoon. It was very difficult to keep the bag upright and open as I stuffed this thick white mixture into it. Not to mention, the mixture stuck to the spoon like instant cement, then the pastry bag and spoon would stick together making it almost impossible to cleanly fill it.
I got as much as I could in there and tried to squeeze the bag from top to bottom in an attempt to push the filling toward the tip. Kind of like the way we try to get the last bit of toothpaste.

I put the tip into the first cupcake and squeezed slowly. I heard a couple of popping sounds as if the bag is working out all the air bubbles (not a bad sign..right?). It appears to be filling. I went to the next cup cake and then to third and forth...but on the fifth cupcake, the poor little pastry bag could not take all the pressure of squeezing this thick mixture through such a pin size little tip and but I gave the very last squeeze anyway to get the filling into the cupcake, the bag split on the side and splattered clear across the kitchen hitting the stove top and also down my forearm. I watched as this white gunk slowly began moving down the side of the stove. I think I was stunned for a few seconds.
I stopped through the pastry bag out washed the kitchen stove, and below is my masterpiece.

Crap, my icing is melting...

Can you see the filling?..Look close, it's there...

Don't think I'm gonna give up...I may be broken down right now, but I will come back stronger, and this time I will read some instructions!


Jason said...

I've never attempted cream filling before but those look like they came out quite well. Great job man!

Laurel said...


You can also use a glad ziploc bag as a stand-in pastry bag. Just cut a hole in the corner bottom...put a pastry tip in...and go on with the show. Look up a recipe for a 'boston cream' filling...and that wouldn't be too thick at might go through the bag a little easier.

And...if you look around, you might even find a couple of pastry bags at the dollar store.

I love your effort! xo

Rob said...

My wife is a hufe cupcaker but from scratch and makes her own icing as well. Let me tell you those cupcakes you made are looking good to me. But practice makes perfect (plus it makes some tasty snacks in the process) Happy FF. Check out my FF post at

Daddy Files said...

Great. Now I want a friggin cupcake like you read about!

Those do look delicious.

New Dad Blog said...

Dude, the last time I made cookies my wife came in the middle and said it looked like a bomb went off in the kitchen!

They turned out delicious but I make one hell of a mess.

Cream filling in a cupcake? Well beyond my skill set.

Bobby said...

Hmm, I can help. I'll post my cupcake recipe on my blog for you.

Bella Daddy said...

OK, no lie, those are some tasty looking treats! I am coming over...get the oven pre-heated! I'll do the icing ;-)


Two Moms With A Plan said...

Those cupcakes look great!

With more practice you will be ready to whip up 40 cupcakes for your son's soccer team on a whim!

Otter Thomas said...

It's like a homemade twinkie. You are awesome.

-Justin said...

Dude, you can bake. It's the decorating that is simply beyond your average male. I had to go through 'food training' because I work retail in a store that has a deli and bakery. Part of that training was making a frosting rose. The final score: Frosting-1, Justin-0 FAIL. So I admire your attempts and definitely feel for you. Hang in there, you'll get it!

PJ Mullen said...

Mmmm...cupcakes...I just ate the last one that my wife made for our son's birthday party on I want another!

john said...

dont you guys have a bakery near by. or at least a piggly wiggley, what the hell you makin cupcakes for?

My partner does all the baking here, and he does it so well, so i let him, im nice that way.

Mark said...

I give you credit for trying to add filling and icing to the cupcakes. Sounds a little difficult. Good luck on your next batch!!

sprogspot said...

Cakes aren't my speciality, but they don't look to bad. I might give making some a bash, see how they turn out!

WeaselMomma said...

They look fantasmic to me!

ciara said...

i love cupcakes. i totally would try them, but if they were nasty i'd totally tell you, too! lol btw target is my fave store, too :)

john said...

oh, the dropping is about a site called entrecard...long story. But check it out, its actual pretty fun, its just alot going down now with the site.

if you look at my blog and look to the right side bar you will see a badge and underneath it, it says 'get one'. that will bring you to entrecard and will explain with all this dropping is about.

Anonymous said...
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